November 13, 2010 - Laurel Keen

Posted on Saturday, November 13, 2010 at 3:41PM

We have been in St. Maxime for a couple of days now and I'm just starting to get used to it today. We were a bit shocked when we arrived and discovered that we were quite removed from the actual city center and did not have internet or phones in our rooms. To make matters worse, it was a French holiday so nothing within walking distance was open. It is rare to see Selby without a huge smile on her face but this was one of those times. We had a short meeting and then all dispersed to our rooms. Once there, I felt a slight panic come over me, "I have to get online. How am I going to function for three days without internet?" Things got better from this point forward. Thierry was kind enough to take us into the center for dinner and the next day, there was wifi at the theater. This morning I noticed a significant change in myself though. I woke up, and instead of feeling annoyed about not being able to check my email, I was forced to slow down a bit. I opened my large floor-to-ceiling shutters and propped my elbows on the black iron guard rail. The sun was streaming in and I lingered there, just taking in the day. I felt the sun hit my face and I listened to the birds chirping. It made me feel very far from everything. Not in a panicky way, like the first night, but in a calm and peaceful way. We are heading to Milan tomorrow where I'm sure we will have all the comforts we are used to, but I'm oddly grateful for this little escape. It reminded me that getting away from everything can actually be quite refreshing. I think if we could all find a way to do this in our everyday lives, we would actually accomplish more.

I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy and enjoying the beginning of the Holiday Season!

Best, Laurel

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