May 19, 2011 - Victor Mateos Arellano

Posted on Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 12:48PM

YES, I LOVE IT! I joined LINES on April 25, which was my goal for a long time. I guess it was the right time and place and I decided to turn the page, stop dreaming, and start dancing. Now, three weeks later, I am back in Europe, touring France and having my "premieres" with LINES. I had eight days to learn and prepare myself for two different programs. It wasn’t easy, but now I feel happy with the hard work and the results. The more time I spend with my new "family", the more I like it. I am surrounded by beautiful people and amazing artists.

The first day we arrived in France, my suitcase didn’t come and I got food poisoning. Not so nice, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying my time and dancing. It is so precious for me to be here. I love San Francisco. I love my new home, my roommates, my colleagues, the classes, the rehearsals, the choreography, the music, the sets, the costumes, Arturo (who encourages and helps me so much), Selby... This is really a gift of life, just for me! My quality of life is just at its top. I guess my Mom is helping me from wherever she is now and I am sure it is the most beautiful place, which no one can even dream about.

The performances are going well and I feel proud, happy, and inspired watching and being part of such an amazing group of dancers. I am getting to know all of my colleagues better day by day; I get to spend really nice moments with them that make my life better and precious. For three weeks non-stop: I love my life. Thanks to all of you!


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