February 1, 2012 - Victor Mateos Arellano

Posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 10:28AM

I don’t like cold, and after five years living in Amsterdam and six in Germany, I am ready to not have any more winters under 15 degrees; but here I am, back in Europe with a cold Siberian wave, that is making the thermometers go under 10 degrees and less. It is a lot! And to finish the cake, I got injured three days before we started the tour. My Achilles tendon went crazy and became as big as a tennis ball. I could not even fit into my shoes! Even now, it feels awful and I cannot dance. Just in case this was not bad enough, I lost my wallet with money, Spanish ID and my bank-cards, and the most important to me, a photo that I won’t be able to replace.

These weeks are really hard for me, not being able to perform, having pain, and having to go here and there with no money, hanging onto my colleagues, having to borrow money, watching them perform, wanting to dance, but not being able. Wow. I was really upset. Now I just don’t even care. I’m glad the tour is almost over and I can get back "home" soon to San Francisco, which I miss a lot. San Francisco felt like home the first moment I arrived, and everyday it just feels good to be there, " home".

Sadly, for all of us, a good friend and amazing, multi-disciplinary artist passed away. Rudi van Dantzig, ex-director from the Het National Ballet (Amsterdam), choreographer, writer, painter, etc. went away. I had a really special connection with Rudi. He took me out of the corps and gave me the chance to work in roles like Swan Lake, Romeo & Juliet, and created a principal role for me in the last ballet he choreographed. We admired each other and throughout all of these years, we kept in contact and he always helped me out, writing a beautiful letter for my visa application for the U.S. Here is a link to a TV program we did back in 2002, which has been broadcasted recently, in his memory. Here you can see how much passion this man had for life, dance, and art. He was amazing and I will miss him a lot.

Well, it has not been all bad, my good friends Alberto and Iwona came to visit me for two days in Luxembourg, and we stayed together in my hotel room for two days. Isn’t that the best of life? People, friends, and family? It feels so good to know that the most important things in life are there for you. Love you guys!

The long bus rides gave me time to work on my "other side". I love drawing, painting, creating with my hands, so I am using all of the free time I have, to make stencils and street-art. Here another link with my website, for those interested in what I do outside dance: no limits.

Now we are in Cannes and I am enjoying it a lot. Tomorrow, another friend is flying to see me, what else could I ask for? A beautiful city, the sea, friends and one week until we return. I need to thank the amazing Selby Schwartz, who is just like a super-hero and has helped me and everyone else, everyday with a beautiful smile, no matter how bad the situation or what time of day. She is amazing!

Take care, hugs. See you soon. -Victor

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