LINES on Tour - Ricardo Zayas

Posted on Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 9:48AM

1) One of our hotels was literally next door to a strip club, another was next to a casino. The former was a 4 star, the latter, 5. Both had terrific breakfast spreads.

2) I played Scramble with Friends on a long bus ride, and an incomplete round of Spades. Meredith and Keelan forfeited due to a whooping, courtesy of David and myself.

3) I buzzed my hair before the first performance of Resin in efforts to minimize grooming after dancing under cascading salt. Technical difficulties occurred and my salt never dropped. Bad News: The lighted spheres used in Constellation didn't make it through customs. Good News: No spheres harmed since home-season at Yerba Buena.

4) Kara and I skipped rocks in the quarry by the river. I found a vertebra in the same quarry. It may or may not have been human.

5) Thanks to free WiFi and a nameless (and probably illegal website) I watched Liz & Dick - Lifetime TV Network's biopic mini-series starring a freshly returned Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor. Check your local listings. I think she got arrested again.

6) Seven Christmas markets and counting... Lost count on my gluwein tally.

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