LINES on Tour - Kara Wilkes

Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 4:14PM

Being from Milwaukee, I’ve been looking forward to returning to the Midwest for our week-long tour with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. We performed four nights in Chicago and have one performance in Madison yet to come. On Saturday, many of my dear friends and family were in the audience, and I’ll admit I got nervous. While performing Rasa, I took off like a bullet during a unison section with Courtney and Caroline - they kindly laughed about it when I later apologized for my nervous adrenaline. You never know when you are going to be cool as a cucumber onstage, or quite the opposite.

The collaboration with Hubbard Street has been nothing short of awesome. LINES and Hubbard Street have become a family: “Lubbard” as we call it. The dancers look forward to getting together to share the studio, a bite to eat, and the stage. Working together has been invigorating, not to mention downright fun. There has been a beautiful ease with the group, and many good laughs. I will keep this inspiring experience close to my heart.

image Ashley Jackson with Penny Saunders (who gave birth a few days ago to a little boy!).

image Jesse Bechard and Ana Lopez performing Little Mortal Jump.

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