LINES on Tour - Tunji Johnson

Posted on Monday, September 30, 2013 at 11:56AM

Travel to Folsom Lake. Trumpets play!!! We began our trip in two groups of mini vans (we was packed) and embarked on a brisk two hour ride to this little collage town about 45 minutes outside of Sacramento. The theater building was huge, with lots of rehearsal space and three stages. The staff on set were extremely hospitable and very accommodating to our needs as a dance company, which included providing an awesome assortment of food, sweets and drinks.

The show was superb! This was my third show as an official Company member with LINES; and though I’m only an apprentice I’m treated no different – besides the new kid on the block jokes (punks). It feels like I’m dancing and growing with a second family. To say the least, each person is expected to pull their own weight, but when it comes down to it we’re all different parts of one whole and each person is there for the other.

After the show Alonzo gave a Q&A and Van #1 set off for home while Van #2 stayed for a night out on the town. Though we just spilled out our hearts and souls dancing on the Folsom Lake stage, you can never be too tired to go to the club and do it all over again. There is always time to celebrate (as you can see from the photos below).

Fun fact for dancers reading this blog: I learned during this tour from the King himself that eating close to show time (I would say an hour and a half before) is not smart because digestion can take away from a dancer’s “shine.” I didn't ask him to explain further but I’m going to guess it’s because the extra energy it takes to digest your food could be used to push your overall performance that much further.

imageGrabbing a bite in the greenroom.
imageClosing number
image”That’s So Tunji”

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