LINES on Tour - Kara Wilkes

Posted on Monday, December 9, 2013 at 2:39PM

We arrived two days ago in stunning Rouen, France. The tour has been a success thus far. The audiences in every city have been generous and enthusiastic. The three new men in the Company have been dancing beautifully... there is a lot of good energy and support amongst the group. The workload is tough, but we’ve been staying strong and are having lots of fun along the way. Getting the chance to be inspired by one’s colleagues and also by worldly sites... well, I feel extremely fortunate.

Our first stop was Tel Aviv, Israel. A few of the dancers toured there years ago, and always raved about it. They were right: the city doesn’t disappoint. We were spoiled by beautiful summer weather (great way to start off a winter tour!) and were able to enjoy the beach everyday. The falafel was to die for and the Dead Sea bath salts saved my life. Tel Aviv has an infectious energy: the people there are passionate and strikingly beautiful... inside and out. The entire company took a Gaga class from a Batsheva dancer named Tom. What an incredible mover he is! It was invigorating for us to explore another style of movement.

Lyon, our second stop, was a beautiful city. Our dear former colleague, Ricardo Zayas, paid us a visit, which was lots of fun. The workload in Lyon was tough: eight shows, with two of them falling on Turkey Day. The final performance was filmed and people could view it live on the web. The support we received from friends and family back home was wonderful. It was exciting and comforting to know they were watching.

imageBeach in Tel Aviv.
imageMichael Montgomery and Tunji Johnson on the beach in Tel Aviv.
imageDancers at dinner in Lyon, France.
imageMaison de la Danse.
imageCathedral in Rouen, France.
imageYujin enjoying Korean food in Rouen.

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