Michael Montgomery in Champagne, France

Alas, the day we saw coming has arrived; tour (Du Champagne) is officially over.


It is amazing to think about time, and how quickly it trickles and fades. This tour was filled with so many nuances, like the addition of two family members (Courtney and Victor). Their abilities to learn four complete ballets, with only about a week and two days of preparation time, was so inspiring! They both showed tremendous will power with a heavy coat of positive energy, amidst all the chaos their minds were being put through. It shows us again how privileged we are to have the opportunity to grow together and exchange energies, as well as enlightenments.

This tour was also sadly graced with the departure of two family members. Jeannette will now be heading back to Sweden. I can still vividly remember the day she arrived at LINES, I was so excited to meet and get to know her. Watching her evolve and transform has been an experience that I would never give up. Her calm, contained, and collected essence brought bliss to us all; needless to say, “Min Kara” Jeanette will be more than missed and never forgotten. It is very hard to say goodbye to those that you love, and create an unbreakable bond of respect and fulfillment with. But as we all learn over time, footprints of expression and impression are made in the heart of every interaction. It is there (within) that we can always find ,and feel, the sweet reminiscent comfort of those whose paths inevitably take a turn away from our own.

I think everyone will agree when I say that watching Laurel turn the page to the next new chapter in her life was an extremely hard and bittersweet moment. For years, Laurel has inspired so many souls to delve and explore the deepest parts of themselves and give it to the earth as a gift to share. She has been a true demonstrator of indomitable will power, thought provoking artistry, and luminous grace. Above all, Laurel too has showed how ideas of transmogrification can be formed and instilled (even crystalized) into the very grain of one’s being; she is an amazing artist as well as an equally amazing person. I am so honored and grateful to have had the chance to not only watch and baffle at her pure spirit from afar, but also to have had the opportunity to dance with her and feel the exchange of her power first-hand. Though she is moving forward, her presence, enlightenment, and contribution to this family will NEVER fade. I pause only to note that mere words could not, in any way, express all that is desired to be described about my “mama” Laurel, about how much we all love her, about how much she will be missed… no words. I have been changed for the better, having her in my life.

The weather has been simply divine the entire trip. It has been such rewarding gift to have the chance to wear shorts and tank tops from morning’s kiss of sun, into the evening’s revealing of star specked skies. The cities we have been in have all been beautiful! Some cities filled with the soft breeze of sweetly scented flowers and earth, some cities with views of the sun and moon diving over the lightly snowed mountains, and other cities that cradled tiny pockets of civilization: so peaceful and almost seemingly surreal. One thing that always makes me grin is trying to think back to the beginning of tour. It is amazing to notice how every place seems to run into one solitary blink of laughs, beauty, tears of overwhelm (in every sense), enlightening exchanges between artists, mesmerizing views, and liberating performances. I am so fortunate to have this opportunity to see all the beauty this world has to offer, and seeing it with friends that I admire, respect, and look up to, is certainly the icing on the cake.

While in Villefranche, the company threw a surprise party for Courtney and I, as we have officially GRADUATED! It feels so good to know that the goal of completing my higher education and receiving my diploma was not only succeeded, yet achieved, in part while touring with my dream company. A huge part of this accomplishment was consummated thanks to the love and support circulating in this company (this family). It feels great to have graduated and continue on to the next chapter. The company has no idea how much the surprise celebration meant to Courtney and I. Simply speechless. I feel like the luckiest boy on earth to be here at LINES (home) and to get to relish in the beauty of the intangible interconnectedness that we all have created and share with one another. I look forward to being apart of the many travels to come, as well as look forward to the continuance of growth and understanding that we all will persist to embark on. As for now, WE ARE HEADIN’ HOME!

As my language does defeat me, here are some photos to help paint the humbled picture of beauty, growth, and immense gratitude that I am still filled with, not only from the tour, but this life with LINES.

Written by Michael Montgomery. Photos courtesy of Michael Montgomery.