Kara Wilkes in Moldova & Romania

Chisinau, Moldova

The capital of Moldova, Chisinau, was our first stop of the tour. We wandered around a huge farmer’s market full of fresh produce, clothing, grains… and lots of fresh fish.

Las Taifas was the cozy traditional Modovan restaurant where I ended up eating three times in three days. Needless to say, I thought the food was awesome. They greet you at the door with a small glass of homemade wine and walnuts. There was live music too.

A very old, raked stage made for an interesting first performance.


Bucharest, Romania

The bustling, beautiful city where we celebrated Ricky’s birthday. Our Romanian tour guide, Oana, was coaxed into singing a song for him and completely blew the group away with her incredible voice.

Written by Kara Wilkes. Photos courtesy of Kara Wilkes.

Written by Alonzo King LINES Ballet

Founded in 1982, Alonzo King LINES Ballet nurtures artistry and the development of creative expression in dance, through collaboration, performance, and education.

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