Michael Montgomery in Tel Aviv, Israel

Seeing the ever-changing light in a different way. Floating for the first time. Feeling a sense of home. Self-realizations of the deeper and surface self. Familiar faces rekindled and reunited, keeping us all so grateful that we know the amazing people that we do. Laughing. Loving. TRYING. The introduction of new luminous spirits. Family. Loving my mother more than she will ever know. Gaga. Momentary warmth, and the fade into a brush of cold winds. Receiving one word for three days; and the smile that kissed my face when reading it. Always changing and in search of something; and, as always, the uncertainty of what that is, is fascinating. I’m lucky; I’m here; I’m alive.

2013 - Tel Aviv, Dancers with Robert, by Arturo Fernandez

Written by Michael Montgomery. Photos courtesy of Michael Montgomery, Arturo Fernandez.