Students Among Us

A Visit from Deer Valley Academy


Studio 5, where LINES Ballet’s professional company rehearses, saw a wave of young talent flow through its doors this week. On Tuesday, 32 students from Deer Valley Academy of Performing Arts in Antioch observed Alonzo King rehearsing his dancers for their upcoming tour to Brazil. The 16 and 17 year old, intermediate/advanced students, met Alonzo in the hall on their way in.

“You don’t mind sitting on the floor,” Alonzo stated (not asked). “You’re dancers!”

Deer Valley AcademyAnd so they took up along the floor, backs to the mirrored studio wall; and for the next 90 minutes they found themselves immersed in the rehearsal process.

At 4pm the dancers took their scheduled break and Alonzo turned his attention to the students. “What is important?” he asked them. Every single one responded about qualities of character, of fearlessness, commitment and perseverance. Of love, humility, sincerity. The students commented on King’s choreography, calling it an investment in arms (a strange war-sounding word, Alonzo responded); about Port de Bras – how intricate and detailed they are; and what they wanted to work on in themselves. “It was fantastic having them here,” Alonzo said. A sentiment echoed by the LINES Dancers.

Following the discussion, the students adjourned to another studio for a private contemporary class with LINES faculty member, Kai Davis. They’re dancers after all. They couldn’t possibly leave without dancing.