A Look Inside LINES BFA at Dominican Senior Projects


“The most important thing I’ve learned during my time here is simply how to work. How to pour every ounce of my physicality, psyche, and spirituality into every single moment. That’s where the real work happens; only when you are giving all of yourself and expecting nothing in return. It’s been such a privilege to take the knowledge I’ve obtained during my time in the program and pass it on to my incredible cast of artists. They have taught me and fulfilled me more than I could’ve asked for and I am extremely grateful for this experience.” -Charbel Rohayem


“The process of my senior piece coming together has been a little like watching the rewind of collapsing architecture. What an amazing privilege to stand at the center of this intriguing thing being built up! Perhaps the most exciting part is that what we’ve created sparks into life only with the presence of our moving bodies and imaginations. I have loved collecting, sculpting, thinking, and moving with my dancers and collaborators.” -Calleja Smiley


“Wavering wanderlust
Forging unbreakable bonds
Bodies entangled”
-Lani Dickinson


“I wanted to really experiment with what a piece of dance could be. An audience sits down and watches a group of bodies move in space- what possibilities are available when this happens? Even in its most contemporary forms dance can become formulaic and I attempted to avoid this through surprise and humor- I want the audience to enjoy the process of the piece as much as I did making it with my dancers.” -Rebecca Lillich


“Nothing captures the suffering of our mortal existence quite like a dancing body. Our art is preserved only in memory; an irreplicable experience shared, by artists and patrons alike, in a way that can only be understood through participation. Dance embodies the depth of emotional expression, anatomically catalyzed by precise thought and untamed desire. For me, dance illustrates — in real time –– a confession of love and a yearning for connection.” -Amy Greene


“Our emotions have a vibratory frequency to them. There are only two emotions that humankind experience. Fear and Love…” – “Love” by Erykah Badu”However, I feel that these frequency vibrations co-exist. These emotions aren’t foreign to anyone. By stripping ourselves of fear, we can learn to love. Conversely a person who loves to be fearful finds comfort in the absence of vulnerability.” -Tatiana Barber, on her work “Stripped”


“Based on a question, a restlessness, a willingness to surrender. This piece was inspired by themes tied to religion; the sense of desperation in finding ones purpose, “the intrinsic desire to belong” and surrendering to the idea of things greater than oneself. I was also inspired by some of the massive, glorious structures that people have dedicated to belief. Notre Dame, the Sistine chapel, magnificent pieces of art built on faith. Not a knowing, but a deeply rooted conviction and the powerful feelings that these sacred places conjure.” -Ha Diem Vo

LINES BFA at Dominican’s Senior Projects

February 19 at 7pm & February 20 at 3pm
At Angelico Concert Hall


Photos by Steve Disenhof and Quinn B. Wharton