New! LINES Dance Center Adult Summer Intensive

Beginning this June, LINES Dance Center opens its doors for adult dancers of all levels in an immersive and inaugural opportunity: LINES Dance Center Adult Summer Intensive. “As we continue to develop and support the Dance Center as LINES’ anchor in the San Francisco community, we are thrilled to offer more transformative dance experiences for any level of adult dancer,” said Dance Center Director, Kristen Gurbach Jacobson.

“For the first time ever, we are inviting all our adult students to have the same access to an immersive dance experience that will cultivate the depth and expression of dance in intimate contact with our world class faculty and with Alonzo King, himself.”


Suitable for all levels, beginner through advanced, the LINES Dance Center Adult Summer Intensive will run Thursday through Friday over the first two weekends in June. June 2-5, beginning and intermediate students will take more than 20 hours of classes in a variety of disciplines. The following weekend, June 9-12, will be dedicated to intermediate and advanced dancers. Both sessions will feature classes, taught by Alonzo King himself. “This opportunity is not focused on professional dancers, though, of course, they are welcome in the advanced track. However, the Adult Summer Intensive is for the dancer that wants to explore more, go further, discover their own artistry, and of course, experience that element of inspiration that is unique to LINES!” Jacobson said.
The foundation of the intensive is sequential ballet and technical training from LINES Dance Center’s ballet faculty. Each day will offer supplemental training in somatic practices for strength and alignment. From there, students may choose electives – modern, jazz, or hip hop. Each Saturday, dancers will explore LINES Ballet Repertory and philosophy with Alonzo King. Unique to every training experience at LINES, dancers in the Adult Summer Intensive will dance through a multi-faceted approach of somatics, alignment, strength, placement, vocabulary in marriage with artistry, ritual, and expression.

The LINES Dance Center Adult Summer Intensive is integral to the mission of LINES Ballet and the philosophy and approach of Alonzo King. They are based on the principle that every dancer, professional or not, can enjoy the vitality and life-changing energy of dance and creativity.

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Cover photos by Quinn B. Wharton