Summer Program Invites International Students

A reflection by Macarena Gomez, former LINES Ballet Training Program student and Summer Program Session One mentor, facilitator and chaperone.


Since coming to LINES, I realized that what I really wanted to do after was bring what I learned and experienced back to my community. The people, the teachers, the company, everything – it’s just a completely different environment that really changes you as a whole, not only as a dancer but as a person too.

So when I first went back to my hometown, my initial goal was to bring the company to perform in Mexico. I was able to help facilitate a tour for LINES Ballet last July and people just loved it. They were really moved by it. A few months later, I helped organize Tempo Dance Convention and proposed to invite LINES Ballet dancer Micheal Montgomery to be a faculty member. The students loved him too and were just so inspired by the way he taught and passed on what he knows as an artist and person. There he was able to invite a few select students to come to San Francisco for this year’s Summer Program. Two students from KÖRPER Dance (the studio I now direct) received invitations along with 4 other dancers who I knew from other close cities. They were just so excited to spend their summer in such an amazing place and since I was already familiar with the program and San Francisco , their parents thought it was a good idea that I come and stay with them too.

The girls were just so happy to be here. They have learned a lot and they surely want to come back next year or even to the LINES Ballet Training Program once they grow older. It’s been a month of a lot of new challenges and changes in their creative process and dance training. Being with such talented dancers and teachers for the whole day is just so inspiring! They had the chance to have class with Alonzo, watch the company rehearse and also work with amazing choreographers that were so excited for their final performance. They have enjoyed their time here so much. It’s so exciting to watch kids feel the way I once felt while I was here few years ago. Its has truly been an amazing experience!

Check out photos with Macarena’s students at the program: