All You Can Dance for Just $5 Travels the World

Have your passport ready? No need to worry – join LINES Dance Center for All You Can Dance for Just $5 to travel the world! The day will feature more Global Dance offerings than ever before – Afro-Haitian, Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and Middle Eastern Dance. All You Can Dance Day is the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons and give one of these Global Dance forms a try. LINES continues to open its doors wider with these new, cultural classes.

Preview Afro-Haitian Dance with Laure Fleurentin:

Preview the choreography of Afro-Cuban dance teacher, Ramon Ramos Alayo:

Also new on the Dance Center schedule is Rhythm & Motion. R&M is not your typical cardio fitness class, it’s a dance-based workout firmly rooted in the technical fundamentals of a myriad of dance styles. Master instructor Dudley Flores creates high-energy classes inspired by popular music from around the world — pop, African, Latin, hip-hop, R&B, alternative, and more. This brings great synergy between our Global Dance offerings and Rhythm & Motion. Both approach dance from an international perspective and both provide excellent aerobic movement guaranteed to enhance your fun and fitness. Learn more in our blog interview with master teacher, Dudley Flores!

For 8 years, All You Can Dance for Just $5 has been our bi-annual open house to introduce new classes, new teachers and new dance styles.

In this carefully curated event, popular and new Dance Center teachers are invited to teach 30-minute sample classes to give even a novice dancer an idea of the art form to which these dance artists have become passionately expert.

Over a four-hour period, around 200 people visit our six studios to dance, explore, and discover new forms of dance and movement. While new Global Dance classes are highlighted, there will also be a full schedule of ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, somatic practices, and hip hop classes from which to choose!

Dancers who are new to the studio are welcome, but we also want our studio regulars to stay after morning classes and try some dance styles they’ve never tried before. So anyone who signs up for All You Can Dance for Just $5 can take a morning open class for just $10. This is our way of asking you to stay all day and bring a friend.

Don’t miss the chance to dance at our biggest and most diverse All You Can Dance for Just $5 ever! Come join us!

All You Can Dance for Just $5

Sunday, September 18 from 1-5pm

Register in advanced!
More information



Cover photos by Stephen Texiera, studio photos by Katie Wong

Written by Alonzo King LINES Ballet

Alonzo King LINES Ballet is comprised of an internationally renowned contemporary ballet company, three education programs that serve pre-professional dancers, and a dance center that provides adult drop-in classes for all levels. The LINES Ballet mission is to nurture dynamic artistry and the development of authentic creative expression in dance, through collaboration, performance, and education.

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