Teens at LINES: Emerging Artists Share their Voices

By Briana Dickinson

What a difference 12 weeks at LINES makes! The Teens at LINES dancers have proved it. After having observed the final sharing of the teen contemporary class on December 11, there is no question that Alonzo King LINES Dance Center is a place where dancers are called to come and bring forth their artistic voices. The teen students each brought their unique individuality to the program with a willingness to take risks and grow.

Yet what was revealed most in the sharing of their final piece was the dedication and trust that the students gave to their own creative process – the perfect ingredients when mixed with the guidance and mentorship of dynamic teacher and choreographer, Victor Talledos.

The intermediate/advanced level class, Contemporary and the Choreographic Process, is in part designed to develop and strengthen technique in the contemporary dance form while reinforcing a solid foundational emphasis in ballet. Additionally, half of the class time is devoted to process work and expanding the capacity – artistically, conceptually, and physically – of each dancer to work collaboratively in the studio, as well as individually generate their own choreography. When asked about their experience during a question and answer session at the end of the final sharing, students revealed stories about their fear and apprehension to explore moving outside of their comfort zones at the beginning of the 12-week session.

Their stories concluded in tones of gratitude, relief, and joy as they responded enthusiastically to their new found excitement in dance.

An excitement that came out of their being pushed to express beyond preconceived ideas of safety and limitation. There is no doubt that each dancer emerged from the fall session having experienced a transformation.

Check out this video clip and see for yourself…

Teens at LINES spring session began on January 14, 2017! Registration is open with a few space still available. For more information on how to enroll in the Teens at LINES weekly series or for information on Teen Master Classes and other workshop opportunities for teen dancers, visit www.dancecenter.linesballet.org/teen/