This southern tour was full but it feels nice to be back home. Though the tour was rough in some ways, I still reflect on it as a whole, and emerge remembering how lucky we all are. There were so many beautiful highlights. We were fortunate enough to perform for Alonzo’s mother and family in Atlanta. Words could not fully express the feeling that washed over me when the show ended; the audience was so grateful and inspired by Alonzo’s work and message. As we continued on to the rest of tour, we walked the old stomping grounds of Martin Luther King Jr. It felt incredible to celebrate such a wonderful figure and role model for humankind on his birthday!

I loved being around the company and being reminded of how strong our bond is. It is such a family. So much so, that there is no truer union of spirits that I have ever known.

This family is funny, nurturing, honest, simple, and beyond luminous… I just got chills.

Michael in front of Rahman’s home

I also had the chance to meet Muhammad Ali’s brother, Rahman. He made me experience such a grand paradigm shift. His stories of the past and of all that has been fought for and fought through, from the devastations to the triumphs, reminded me that we are alive, which in itself in such a HUGE deal. While we are alive, we must TRY.

There is nothing that is more important to demand of ourselves than the act of trying and realizing that there is always more to give.

I would love to tell many of the stories that he shared with me, but feel that my words would never amount to his. But if you ever run into me and want to hear one, just ask!


I love this company, I love this FAMILY, and I am so grateful to be here. This world is going to continue to surprise us with the good and the bad, but despite it all we must not be shaken. Don’t neglect the true goal – GROWTH and LOVE.

Humanity is art, and by continuing to shine our light and strive for more each day, we make change.

– Michael J. Montgomery


The company is in the studio this month working on our new work for our Spring Home Season but we head back on tour in March to Canada. Check out where we are stopping on our website. We hope to see you there!

Cover photo by Cody Chen; all other photos by Michael Montgomery

Written by Alonzo King LINES Ballet

Alonzo King LINES Ballet is comprised of an internationally renowned contemporary ballet company, three education programs that serve pre-professional dancers, and a dance center that provides adult drop-in classes for all levels. The LINES Ballet mission is to nurture dynamic artistry and the development of authentic creative expression in dance, through collaboration, performance, and education.

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