LINES Ballet in Vancouver, Canada: Maya and James share their thoughts


LINES Ballet just completed their performances in Vancouver as a part of the Vancouver International Dance Festival. LINES Ballet Development Director Maria Elena Caprio joined them for this exciting event. She witnessed the company perform in two sold-out shows and organized a beautiful photo shoot with our newest company members, Maya Harr and James Gowan (pictured above together).

As she described it, “this shoot was done on the only day that it didn’t rain or snow. We were so lucky and they were great sports. There was an arctic wind that kept blowing through the bay as we did this shoot in Stanley Park – yet, they were both all in (notice bare feet on concrete?!)”. As always, we are continually impressed by our dancers’ commitment to their craft.

Read on for reflections from Maya and James on tour so far as well as more beautiful captured moments. The company continues their Canadian tour this week, stopping in Kelowna (3/7) and finally to Victoria (3/10-3/11). Join us!


In Vancouver the snowflakes are thick and heavy. They come in bursts of intensity, much like my energy does while on tour. While it’s frigid here, the snowflakes and mountain to ocean scenery distract from the chill enough to breathe in the fresh air and absorb the sunlight. Life is green and abundant here, much like the generosity and excitement of the audiences for whom we’ve had the pleasure of performing. Our performances in Vancouver have left me excited for what’s to come in Kelowna and Victoria. With each beautiful destination comes new exploration and discovery.”

– Maya Harr


This is my first time in Canada and I have to say, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. The abundance of nature and friendly folks entice you to get out and explore! The day after we arrived I was able to explore the downtown area as well as Stanley Park. The melancholy weather we have been introduced to puts me in a contemplative mood. I find that this helps me with Alonzo’s work. I spend more time inside when it’s wet and rainy. This allows me to take more time to think about the work that I am doing in and out of the studio. Being on tour is one of my favorite aspects of this company. Traveling the world doing what you love is by far the best. I couldn’t be more grateful for these experiences.”

– James Gowan

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Photography by Steve Cherrier