Special Pre-Season Event: Let the Body Speak

On April 13, 2017 we celebrated our Spring Season partnership with endangered language specialist and poet, Bob Holman, at a special pre-season event called Let the Body Speak.

“What is it about globalization, the homogenization of cultures, that’s driving these languages out of existence?” – Bob Holman

The evening celebrated the richness of cultural diversity through movement, spoken word and dance. It was produced by Amy Schoening, hosted by Bob Holman and featured local performers Kumu Hula Michael Yamashita, Walan Amana, Jocelyn Kapumealani Ng and Vincent Medina. Thanks to everyone who shared this memorable night with us! We hope you’ll join us for our world premiere inspired by this topic, May 4-14 at YBCA.

“Our language is our identity, and when that language comes through the dancing bodies of LINES Ballet we feel the joy of how people first danced on the earth – and the sorrow of losing these original tongues.” – Bob Holman

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Have a Listen


A Conversation with Bob Holman and Amy Schoening on our Spring Season Partnership and the creation of Let the Body Speak:

This interview was conducted by Tania Ketenjian, co-founder of Sound Made Public, who produce audio experiences for radio, cultural organizations and brands. Their work is based on the intersection of three fundamental principles – art, humanity and communication.

Take a Look

Moments from the performance:

And from our lovely post-performance reception:

Thanks again to all those who made it and we look forward to seeing you at our home season world premiere!

photos by Steve Cherrier