Messages from the Class of 2017

The time is here! 4 years of arduous study both in the classroom and the studio has led up to this culminating performance of the LINES BFA Senior Showcase at the world renowned Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Read more on what this performance and the last 4 years have meant to our graduating class, and join us Tuesday, May 9th at 7:30pm to see their incredible passion come to life.

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Joel Walsham

Throughout the program we come to understand the final performance at Yerba Buena as a rite of passage. A signal of the transition from one chapter to the next. But ultimately, despite where our individual paths take us after graduation, we have created a community together over the last four years. I am very grateful that we get the chance to take the power of our community onto one of the most beautiful stages in the country.


Alisha Aragon

During my time dancing with LINES BFA, I learned about the power of community, and the necessity of vulnerability.

There are too many experiences in the world for one person to know everything, so it is necessary to be open and honest, while valuing everyone’s insights. I am looking forward to creating conversations and pursuing artistry once I graduate. It is nerve-wrecking to be entering the arts during such a shaky time, but I would say that as artists we are blessed by this time as well. Never before has it been so clear what changes need to occur, and so easy to get conversation going. With the resources we currently have available to us, with video and media, the work is clear. All that is left is to do the work.


Anica Bottom

The BFA program has cultivated my awareness and value of presence.  With humility, a supple imagination, and an intellectual discipline, submission to the void of space can infinitely be realized. This gives way to a shared community, open to pure compositional development.

Congratulations Class of 2017- WE DID IT!


Maxine Patronick

Something that I appreciate from this program is how it helped shape my ideas of dance and academics, simultaneously. I have come to understand how interdependent the two seemingly opposing subjects are.

Dance influences me in the classroom and academic ideas influence me in the studio. The body and the mind are not separate like we are often taught to believe, but rather are extremely cohesive.

I’ve learned to give credit not only to the thoughts I think, but also the movements I make, and I thank this program for helping me feel more whole.

BFA Spring 2017 - BFA Senior Showcase, photo by Steve Disenhof (1)

Alonzo King LINES Ballet BFA Program at Dominican University of California presents
Senior Showcase 2017
May 9th at 7:30pm

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Celebrate the accomplishment and artistry of the Class of 2017! The grand finale to their four-year college journey, the 2017 Senior Showcase brings our seniors to the beautiful YBCA stage in a celebration of artistic achievement. This one-show-only event presents original contemporary ballets by choreographers Gregory Dawson, Amanda K. Miller, Alivia Schaffer and Amy Seiwert.

Also featuring the second-year students of the LINES Ballet Training Program.

All photos unless otherwise stated by Juan Ruiz; final banner photo by Steve Disenhof