The Door to Peace: Alonzo Speaks at Salesforce

How do you remain centered when you’re bombarded by the challenges of this current moment and moving at hyperspeed? Alonzo shares his insights on stillness in this free, 30-minute conversation hosted by Jody Kohner, Senior VP of Employee Marketing & Engagement at Salesforce. “Outer space is not the final frontier,” he advises. “It’s inner space.”

Salesforce’s B-Well Together wellbeing breaks are part of a larger “Leading Through Change” initiative providing thought leadership, tips, and resources from leading wellbeing experts to support you and your families through these trying times. Sessions are hosted live each day on here and are available to view online later here.

LEADING FROM THE CORE: LINES Ballet Corporate Offerings
Alonzo King brings his mastery of the creative process and four decades of developing highly-effective teams to support leaders navigating today’s biggest challenges. He is available to work with executive leadership or for company-wide addresses. For more information, please email development[at]

Photo: © Jim Wilson/The New York Times

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