There Is No Standing Still, Part III

(Premieres Friday, July 31 at 3pm PDT / 6pm EDT)

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Plants, stones, sky, water —
everything in life
is whispering its meaning,
and with great listening,
the meaning behind everything
can be understood.

— Alonzo King


Created with Alonzo King LINES Ballet dancers from their homes throughout the Americas during the pandemic. The third in a series of five.

Director: Robert Rosenwasser
Editor: Philip Perkins
Music: Lisa Fischer & JC Maillard
Choreography: the dancers of LINES Ballet

Performers in order of appearance: Adji Cissoko, Ashley Mayeux, Robb Beresford, Shuaib Elhassan, Madeline DeVries, Maya Harr, Lorris Eichinger, James Gowan

Presenting Sponsor: Bank of the West
© Alonzo King LINES Ballet