Climate Change Through the Artist’s Eyes

Images of dancers or sculptures don’t leap to mind with the mention of climate change, however artists are increasingly using the carbon conundrum as a creative lens, using their mediums to design cultural moments that bring people together. As storytellers, artists are reaching people on a deeper and more emotional level than the cerebral facts and charts often used to shape the climate narrative. Can art reach and activate people on climate in new and compelling ways? How can art convey the joy of nature and the grief of how humans are destroying it?

On August 6, Alonzo King sat down for a conversation with Climate One founder and host Greg Dalton for an engaging conversation about about art, beauty, and humanity in the age of climate disruption. Greg and Alonzo were joined by senior curator Nora Lawrence, whose 2018 exhibition, Indicators: Artists on Climate Change, at New York’s Storm King Art Center was one of the first major museum exhibitions to address climate change.

Watch the full discussion below:

(Conversation begins around 9:30)

If I’ve come to a place where I’ve left the sense of ‘me, and expanded the sense of ‘we’, and have stepped into the idea of ‘oneness’, how can I exploit a mountain? How can I exploit a people? Because I’ve gotten to a place where I realize that people, that mountain, is me. That ocean that my country is polluting is me.

– Alonzo King

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Photo: © RJ Muna