Ashley Jackson in NYC

One cannot say that LINES Ballet is never on the move.

Soon after a successful two-month tour to Hawaii, Italy, and France, we leapt into our home season in San Francisco at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Much to the audience’s delight, we performed a world premiere called Dust and Light, Signs and Wonders (originally choreography by Alonzo for Dance Theatre of Harlem), and the duet Splash.

This past weekend we flew to Dallas, Texas where I enjoyed the warm weather. Even when it rained, the humidity in the air made it easy to warm up for class and the show. The presenter and stage crew welcomed us with southern hospitality. The drawl and twang in their voices brought fond memories from my own southern roots. This was my first time to Dallas, but it was nice to be welcomed by a familiar face as a dear friend of mine drove several miles to see her first LINES Ballet performance. It was a special birthday treat for her to see Irregular Pearl and Rasa.

Last night, we performed opening night at the Joyce Theater in New York City, NY. The performance was a complete sell out. The audience showed incredible appreciation as they leapt to their feet and at full volume cheered their approval at the end of both Dust and Light and Rasa. After numerous curtain calls, it was brought to our attention that the audience’s reaction was not normal. Several people who attend the Joyce on a regular basis made it clear that out of all the times they’ve attended performances here, they’d never seen such a great response from the audience. With that said, we hope to continually experience similar reactions from the audiences here in New York City for the rest of the week.

Written by Ashley Jackson.