Caroline Rocher’s Week Off

Today was the end of the week off!


Time really does fly! But these seven “dance free” days were very well deserved after the New York season.

Being in the big apple is so exciting but so draining at the same time. To me, it was fun performing in the city again after five years of absence. But the challenging part was trying to do everything: catching up with all of my friends, performing and doing my college homework (I’m studying to get my Bachelor of Arts degree).

Also, being in NY brought back memories. One in particular was when I first moved to the city 11 years ago. I flew on my own with two suitcases from Montpellier and I can still picture my parents who, although they were divorced, reunited to wave goodbye to me at the airport: priceless moment! I was young and a bit scared and did not know what to expect but so excited about coming to America!

Written by Caroline Rocher.