David Harvey in Rehearsal

We’ve spent a week in the studio – the first time since mid-February – and it feels amazing.


The opportunity to take advantage of our space, our floor, our barres is so comforting after all the glamorous jet-setting. Our leopard print chaise, our lockers and mailboxes, and a special shout to our class accompanists for the reviving, live music (Lucy holds a special place in my heart). It’s great to be home, with the chance to become reinvigorated before heading out again.

The company home is based on the 3rd floor, but one of my personal Oddfellows perks is wandering up the stairs to see what’s going on higher up in the building. I’ve spent quite a bit of time this week at SF Gyrotonic on the 4th floor with Laura, lengthening and strengthening, giving my body the attention and recupe time it needs. Climbing up even higher to the 5th floor, I get to relive some of my past life as a student at LINES. On most rehearsal breaks I love to see what the BFA and LBTP students are up to. A good source of my daily inspiration comes from witnessing the energy and thoughtfulness of those dancers. Bonne chance to all of you moving on as the school year comes to a close.

We only have a short time left in the season ourselves. I’m chomping at the bit to get to Israel, and feeling blessed to get to experience a part of the world so steeped in history, conflict and religious significance. I get to go share my art in one of the oldest cities in the world! Coolest job ever.

Written by David Harvey.