Robert Rosenwasser in Jerusalem, Israel

This morning we took a car into the Negev Desert and drove to the Dead Sea. Twenty minutes outside Jerusalem we passed herds of camels and goats. It’s wild in this place moving from the ancient to ultra high tech.

Here’s the run down of the last 3 days…

Friday, June 3

We toured the City of David with a guide. Embedded in the stone are the layers of civilization; Canaanite, Judaic, Assyrian, Babylonian, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman. We hiked through a water tunnel dug 700 BC during the reign of Hezekiah. It was designed as an aqueduct providing water during a long attempted siege by the Assyrians. The stone tunnel is a third of a mile long, mostly less than three feet wide, and in places less than five feet in height. We are a very tall group. It winds under the City of David from the Gihon Spring. Using LED flashlights we waded through cold knee high water.

Saturday, June 4

I spent the afternoon with seventeen cousins living on a kibbutz growing wheat, avocado jojoba and managing a dairy farm. On the property archeologists are excavating a “tell”. On the top of the mound they discovered pottery dating 1000 BC. They anticipate finding much older artifacts as they dig deeper. Just a few miles away there’s a 2 billion dollar Intel facility. In the evening LINES performed for the first time in Israel.

Sunday, June 5

Floating in the Dead Sea with Alonzo and Arturo this morning. We have a matinee for 800 students who came from throughout the country and another one in the evening.

Monday, June 6

Tomorrow we fly to Paris and then bus to Rouen for our final performance of the season. The list of places this small ensemble has performed in the last 12 months is daunting. In France; Montpellier, Vaison la Romaine, Lyon, Arcachon, La Rochelle, Blagnac, Bayonne, Rouen, In Italy; Venice, Forli, Bolzano, Trezzo. In Israel; Jerusalem. In Canada; Vancouver, Victoria Island, Vernon, Nanaimo. In Guatemala; Guatemala City. In the U.S.; Jacob’s Pillow, Manchester, Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, Portland, Seattle, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Dallas and New York City. In all we performed for about 70,000 people this year.

Written by Robert Rosenwasser. Photos courtesy of Robert Rosenwasser.