Alonzo King in Jerusalem, Israel

Around the world there are numerous nuclear sites of spiritual energy.


I’ve been to many in India, Africa, the Americas, and throughout Europe. They are places where seminal figures solved the riddle of life’s enigma and achieved transcendence through trial and struggle to set examples for all humanity. Often these atomic sites have been magnetized by the devotional spiritual energies of indigenous peoples for millennia, long before they were the stages for spiritual giants to enact the drama of their lives.

Jerusalem is the third most sacred place in Islam. It is where the prophet Muhammad ascended to Heaven. It is where Christ spent the last days of his life and where the Last Supper, Crucifixion and Resurrection took place. It is for Jewish people the Holy City, the Biblical Zion, City of David, and the site of Solomon’s Temple.

Jerusalem, Israel - King, 1

Jerusalem has been claimed, captured, recaptured, reclaimed, destroyed, rebuilt and destroyed again so often throughout history that if it were time lapsed photography from the beginning it would dissolve and evolve like musical waves. Underneath the drone of marketplace and swoosh of city life, the history of warfare past and current, there is the ever present vibration of centuries of worship and devotion, that mark this city as unique in the world. Abraham’s progeny are handsome and congenial, quick to assist, and warm in conversation. We had three enthusiastically received performances, visits to Bethlehem, Dead Sea, Mt. Moriah, City of David, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Asqa Mosque, River Jordan, and the Sea of Galilee.

The dancers were brilliant. It is the close of an amazing touring season. Unending thanks to Robert Rosenwasser for the untold machinations to make it all happen.

The mosaic floor in the Church of the Nativity in Jerusalem:

Written by Alonzo King. Photos courtesy of Alonzo King.