Ashley Jackson in Italy

We are on the second part of the Winter/Spring tour.


For the past two weeks we traveled to multiple cities in Italy that include: Cremona, Legnano, Rimini, Cesena, Terni, and Spoleto. All of the cities had their own unique way of showing us their appreciation. During this time I also had the privilege of taking a Dance History course through the LEAP Program at St. Mary’s College of California. I truly appreciate studying about the people who greatly impacted the dance world. It is incredible to think I may be dancing on some of the same stages that they might have performed on.

Yesterday, on our day off, we took the opportunity to stay in Rome. During this time I went to go see the Vatican for the first time and was amazed by the centuries of design and artwork that went into the creating process. The architecture alone is beautiful. The statues are carved with great detail and precision. The paintings can be seen on the walls and ceilings with each one telling its’ own story. The dedication that went into creating such masterpieces is evident all around. There are not enough words to describe St. Peter’s Basilica, so pictures will have to suffice for now. The next stop is France…stay tuned!

Written by Ashley Jackson.