Michael Montgomery in Korea

To think that my first time overseas is traveling to Korea is so mind-boggling!


I am having a blast thus far. We arrived to Korea on the June 8th and got a day off the following day. On my day off I decided to go on a daytime journey by foot: just walking around the city for about five hours total. Daejeon is a truly beautiful area, I found myself in the middle of all that I thought Korea would be; along side some surprises on the way. This culture is so rich with peaceful serenity; it is contagious, in a good way.

I had the privilege to talk to two older men that said they have lived here their whole lives; they explained that a lot has changed since they were children. They then said “change is true test of life,” evolution is proof that we are living and keeping true to our destination of constant transmogrify; even in another country I am learning that enlightenment is everywhere. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to so many beautiful places with a company that I love and have a large amount of respect for. Though I cannot say where exactly I wandered to, I will say that there was never a moment that I wished I was back at the hotel.

My language defeats me out here, and I love it. It is funny how though I do not always understand what people are saying (and never understand the signs along the way) I trust in the concept of a smile. A smile is universal and has the power to spark any and every form of conversation, whether it’s small talk due to my lack of speaking the language or just because people are busy with their days. I am constantly learning new things about life, the world, and myself. I walked along the Gap-cheon (river) when going on my journey and was amazed at all the gardens and buildings around the city. It looks so different from San Francisco, as well as my hometown Long Beach: as it should.

Written by Michael Montgomery.