Ashley Jackson in Livermore & NYC

Hello LINES Ballet fans!

We just landed in New York City on Sunday. Before I dive into the details of NYC, I want to recap on the performance we just had in Livermore, California. It is a cute and lovely little town. We drove down early that Saturday morning. The ride was quite peaceful and the weather was perfect. The theater was comfortable and well equipped. The staff was cheerful, especially the costume lady named Teri. She was really nice and helpful about giving directions to near by places.

As far as the dancing portion of this tour went, we performed Resin for the first piece. It went extremely well and felt like the rest of the night would follow in its pursuit. The second half of the show was Scheherazade. The floor for this piece was a bit slippery and so I made sure to put some rosin on my shoes to help give me some resistance to the floor. Somehow these efforts seemed pointless because in the middle of my first solo, my face decided to eat the floor.

Yes…I said it! I ate the floor with my face and swallowed it whole! I fell in such a way that I couldn’t even disguise the fact that I was laying face down on the stage in a live performance. It seemed as if the world around me stopped in dead silence. Can I just say that falling in general is not a fun experience, much less in front of people. At the time it happened I just wanted sit there and shout out, “Stop the show! Can we try this again later?” Or “Is there was a rewind button somewhere?” I definitely would have taken advantage and used it if I could have. Of course great things can come from mistakes, but sometimes I wish to re-do or undo certain mishaps. Even though inconvenient occurrences take place during the show, the whole world follows the old saying, “the show must go on!”

Hopefully the shows in New York will go smoothly and end in success. While in New York, I’ll look forward to seeing my friends Ruth Shepard (aspiring actress), Robert Hartwell (Broadway greatness), and my awesome parents, who are making a trip here. All in all I hope this New York City tour will be positively memorable.

Written by Ashley Jackson.

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