30 Questions with dancer Meredith Webster

For anyone who has attended a LINES Ballet performance in the last seven years, you know Ms. Webster as the talented beauty with the forever legs and the punky, short hair. On stage she is unmistakable, and in person she is nothing short of amazing.

To help celebrate our 30th ANNIVERSARY, Meredith has graciously agreed to answer one question for each year of our existence. Enjoy this small insight into Ms. Meredith Webster!

1) When did you start dancing for LINES Ballet? 2005

2) What was the last great book you read? An Everlasting Meal, by Tamar Adler

3) What did you do over the summer layoff? Excessive amounts of swimming and sun.

4) Other Choreographers and/or Companies you admire? Kidd Pivot and Batsheva, for starters

5) Where did you grow up? Manitowoc, Wisconsin

6) At what age did you begin dancing? 3!

7) If not dancing, I’d be…? I have no idea, but maybe I would be working in the field of renewable energy.

8) Hobbies? Cooking, reading, going to see live music, and being in high-up places.

9) Favorite place toured with LINES? My favorite theater was in Vaison la Romaine, France. Other favorites: Israel, Slovenia, Venice, South Korea. Poland was also a strange and awesome place.

10) Favorite San Francisco hangouts? Besides my apartment? Well I’ve been trying to move in at Boulette’s Larder for years now, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a “hangout.” Other than that, I love to be at any farmer’s market, or seeing what’s new in my neighborhood along Divis.

11) Dream vacation? Sun, sea, good food, and people to love.

12) New York or Los Angeles? New York

13) City or country? I need both.

14) What inspires you? Patience. focus. humility. thunderstorms. attention to detail. Diligence. Simplicity. Music. Light and shadow. Abandon.

15) What can’t you live without? Water

16) Dogs or cats? Dogs for hugging, cats for observing.

17) Hidden talents? I am really good at making popcorn on the stove. But I don’t try to hide it.

18) Last band you saw live? The Tallest Man on Earth

19) What are you listening to right now? Woodkid

20) The world needs more of…? People who can laugh at themselves

21) Movie you can watch over and over? Labyrinth

22) Favorite piece of Alonzo King rep? Wheel in the Middle of the Field

23) What’s the best part of touring? Getting lost in new places.

24) What’s the most difficult aspect of touring? Air travel.

25) Window seat or isle? Aisle

26) Favorite European city? Berlin

27) Living artists you follow (outside the medium of dance)? Tony Kushner, Julian Schnabel, Jim Jarmusch, James Turrell, Magdalena Jarkowiec, Tilda Swinton, Aaron Huey, Michel Gondry, Almodovar, Michelle Williams, Marion Cotillard, Cate Blanchett, Helen Mirren, Anish Kapoor, Rian Johnson, Michael Fassbender, Adrien Brody, Wes Anderson, and don’t get me started on music.

28) Favorite costume ever? When we were in ballet school, Laurel Keen and I were Hounds in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We had to wear unitards and dog heads and run across a foggy stage hunched over, with our arms out in front of us like zombies, doing grand jetes. That was definitely my least favorite costume ever but I got to go to Hong Kong because of it!

29) You’re going to the movies, drama or comedy? Drama

30) Do you see choreography in your future? Maybe!

Photo by RJ Muna

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