Courtney Henry in Furth, Germany

Arriving in Furth was the crest of this tidal wave of a tour.


To remain in one city – for almost a whole week! – felt like Christmas came early!

Stillness, growing familiarity, and the not so warm, but fuzzy feeling, that comes along with it began working its way back into my life even in the simplest pleasure of taking my own personal route to the theater. Of course it’s still not a walk through the Mission to BART, but this small sense of ownership came at the perfect time when I was certain I’d forgotten what it felt like.

Furth was the culmination of it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. From spacious apartment style hotel rooms across the street from a medieval Christmas market (where there were characters straight off a Nordic movie set!), to backaches, stomachaches, snow and rain, it all came out in the wash in Furth. The smallest victories felt like milestones. It was the perfect wacky buildup to the epic last show and conclusion to this journey.

While it personally was a tough tour being that it was my longest and coldest one yet, it’s safe to say I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with any other group of people. I hope this holiday season brings nothing but joy and light to the Company and their loved ones as we depart for break. Cheers to calmer waters ahead!

Written by Courtney Henry.

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