Ashley Jackson in Cleveland, Berkeley & Tucson

Just to recap on what we have done since the start of the New Year, here are a few photos from Cleveland, Berkeley, and Tucson.

Cleveland, January 26:

Cleveland, Ohio was our first show after our break. We performed Scheherazade and Resin. The theater presenter was extremely gracious. After the first show, she shared with us how touched the audience was and how we specifically inspired a young dancer to keeping dancing even if though he was the only boy in his class.

At the hotel, we came to find that performers from the Broadway show Priscilla Queen of the Desert were also staying there. They were not only fun to hang out with, but also spectacular performers! The show was very entertaining, touching on heartfelt issues.


Michael Montgomery and Ashley Jackson with the cast from Priscilla Queen of the Desert

The Cleveland trip was also special because I was able to hang out with my long time friend, Alexis Britford. We are practically sisters and so it was really great getting to see each other again.

Berkeley, February 1 & 2:

In Berkeley, California, we performed AZIMUTH in collaboration with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. Many of you may know that we started working together during a three-week residency in Irvine, CA last July. It was one of the best experiences! Their dancers are beautiful, and their Artistic Director Glenn Edgerton is lovely. Both LINES and Hubbard have enjoyed our time as a “Super-Company.” We look forward to touringAZIMUTH together this spring.

On a side note, it was awesome to have the French dancers and choreographers LES TWINS (actual twin brothers) visit us at LINES Studios. Alonzo had them dance for us, which was a true treat.

Tucson, February 10:

This past weekend we performed in Tucson, Arizona. We landed in Phoenix and drove the rest of the way. The ride was very pleasant as we watched the sun set over the mountains. The theater was nicely facilitated. I would have loved to stay longer to explore the area.


Tuscon, Arizona

A fun fact shared by our Ballet Master Arturo Fernandez, and seconded by our new Company Manager, Michelle Miulli: it takes a Cactus not only about 70 years to grow an arm, but that arm grows in a way that counter-balances the weight of the main plant.

Next up, St. Louis!

Written by Ashley Jackson. Photos courtesy of Ashley Jackson.

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