Meredith Webster in Chicago

Today (Wednesday) is our last performance of AZIMUTH until June, and tonight we will separate ourselves from our Hubbard Street family with much reluctance.

This whole project has been a herculean effort. In this Midwestern installment I have felt surrounded by feats of heroic scale. The architecture of Chicago and the Saint Patrick’s Day celebration are enough to wow anyone, but also on this trip: I got to meet the brand new son of my old friends Garrett and Courtney Anderson (Garrett is a dancer with Hubbard), another couple from Hubbard (Pablo and Penny) gave birth DURING one of the shows, longtime LINES dancer Laurel Keen came to watch, my family gathered, and my dance teacher from Manitowoc, WI (who is 80-something and still teaching 7 days a week but doesn’t look a day older than when I left town at 14) watched the show and offered her always-insightful comments.

Meredith Chicago, 2

Thursday we will disperse; some of us will return to California, part of Hubbard Street will go on tour to Africa, and I will join my dad for some ice fishing. Then back to the studio in SF to get ready for the 30th Anniversary Celebrations!

Big things all around, and immense gratitude to Glenn Edgerton and everyone who made this project possible.

Written by Meredith Webster

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