Zachary Tang in Los Angeles

We’re in Los Angeles to perform AZIMUTH. What an amazing way to end a season!

I remember the beginning of this year when we made our way to Irvine to start collaborating with Hubbard Street. What seemed like mission impossible turned out to be one of the coolest experiences I’ve had at LINES. Two major companies working together on one stage. We have come a long way since Irvine. From Laguna to Berkley to Chicago to Madison to Los Angeles we have become a single body of inspiration and understanding.

Tang LA, 1

A mingling of dancers and staff from Hubbard Street and LINES Ballet

Performing together for the last time was thrilling and emotional. But just like a book, chapters end and others begin. Sadly AZIMUTH has come to a close, but the friendships and memories we have made together will last a lifetime. It has been more than a pleasure to be here.

Written by Zachary Tang. Photos courtesy of Zachary Tang.