Courtney Henry at Humboldt State University

There’s nothing like escaping the city, even if just for a few days.

Winding roads and fog drenched Redwoods led us five hours north to the sleepy town of Arcata where we performed Writing Ground and last season’s Meyer at Humboldt State University. Far from the metropolis of San Francisco, this town of 27,000 was a fascinating mix of artsy and rural. Being there for only two days I got the sense that the people were open and accustomed to having varying walks of life pass through all the time, yet still maintain their own rustic, niche community that has stood the test of time.

We did only one show and afterwards I enjoyed chatting with this older gentleman Archie just outside the stage door. A local of Arcata for thirty plus years he went on to share that as a serviceman he remembers traveling and seeing various Russian and classical companies abroad and in Humboldt. I quote him in saying “…they were great. Very structured, that’s what we’re used to. But you guys were much more creative. Different. A real treat.” He was just one of the people who stopped to chat with us as we made our way back to the bus. Talking to them made me so glad to be apart of bringing something “creative” and “different” to Arcata, and that they received it with such open arms and genuine appreciation.

Big congratulations to Robb, Jeffrey, and Babatunji for their first performances with LINES! They didn’t seem half as nervous as I originally was and danced beautifully. First tour down. Next stop Livermore!

Written by Courtney Henry.