Babatunji in New York

Our week-long season at the Joyce in New York was a success – well received by the audience and reviewers alike!


This was my second time performing Constellation with the Company. Having a bit more experience with the piece allowed me to feel more comfortable, which in turn helped me dive deeper. I got a much-needed push from Alonzo to ramp up the energy of my performance and to make different and dynamic choices with the way that I played with the choreography. With every performance I tried to push harder and harder. It wasn’t the most pleasant or enjoyable experience on stage, as I would try so hard that at times I didn’t always know what I was doing or what was happening. I felt a mess! But the reaction I got from the other dancers and the audience watching said otherwise. For the first time I felt like I was being danced as opposed to dancing. Who knows, I could just be crazy.

Babatunji Joyce

As for New York, this was only my second time there. I went with the Company for a short three days in January and hated it! However, my experience this time shined a new light. I was able to explore the city a bit more. Not as much as I would have wanted to but enough to get a feel for it. I made new connections and saw so many old faces it was amazing. It felt like a very complete experience. Though I don’t think I could ever live there, I feel like it would be nice to dip my feet in every once in a while.

PS. Maya’s singing and Hadley’s playing take my breath away every performance. Such a blessing to have them with us and to be working with such an amazing and loving group of individuals!

Written by Babatunji.