Fall Home Season 2015: Q & A with Alonzo King, Lisa Fischer and JC Maillard

“As an audience, what is it that you had in mind that you wanted us to walk way with, and how can we carry out that mission?” Watch and listen to Alonzo’s response. “You too are an artist”, he says. And we are so thankful to have shared this world premiere to sold out audiences, made up of individual artists and importantly, supporters of the arts in our community.

We have cherished conversations with you and want to continue this beautiful relationship. Keep following us, sharing with us, and we can’t wait to see you in the Spring Season, April 15–23, 2023 at the Blue Shield of California Theater at YBCA with Grammy Award-winning singer Lisa Fischer and influential photographer Richard Misrach! Tickets: cityboxoffice.com/lines.