LINES Ballet Training Program Celebrates 10 years: Alumni Spotlights

LINE Ballet Training Program is 10! In honor of our Training Program’s 10th anniversary, we asked our graduates who are performing at Thursday night’s Alumni Evening, to “summarize in 10 words, how your experience in the Training Program has shaped your life as a professional dancer.”


“I’ve become willing to push my boundaries and trust myself.”- Claire Fischer


“To really go for the things I want wholeheartedly!” -Babatunji Johnson

Photo by Quinn B. Wharton


“Pushed me off a cliff. Now I know to bring a parachute.” – Madison Wada

Photo by David Flores


“My memories of the cognitive dissonance created by walking through the abject poverty at 7th and Market in order to study ballet, of all things, continues to inform my politics, social priorities, and creative efforts.” – Megan Wright

Photo by Matt Haber


“LINES provided me the bar to which everything else must rise.” -Nick Korkos

Photo by Sandy Lee


“Allowed me to realize that exploration in movement is infinite.” – Alex Vargas

Photo by Kyle McKee


“LBTP bridged the gap between human and dancer, pushing me to develop my character and individual voice beyond the studio.” – Khala Brannigan

Photo by Sungyeon Joo