LINES Ballet Training Program Alumni Return for Spring Showcase!

LINES Ballet Training Program Spring Showcase 2016 – Retrospective and Preview: A shared evening of memorable works from thoroughout the year, by guest and student choreographers, and the premiere of new alumni creations.

Featuring works by acclaimed choreographers, David Harvey, Gregory Dawson, Erik Wagner, Training Program alumni, Marissa Wong, Amy Ashley, Dazaun Soleyn, Amelia Eisen and Training Program student, Maguerite Bouvier.

Hear more from two of our returning LBTP alumni who are presenting their own works as choreographers!

LBTP Alumna, Marissa Wong

The Training Program created a sanctuary where vulnerability was encouraged; this environment allowed for growth through trust and familiarity. Post-graduation, you continue to explore perspectives and realize continual change is inescapable; however, the integrity gained during those few years remains beyond the studio.

Title: Veils
Choreography: Marissa Wong
Collaborators: Khala Brannigan, Claire Fisher, Courtney Mazeika
Sound: Jamie Bradbury

We explored themes of juxtaposition: self & identity, connect & disconnect, internal & external; the lenses that influence our perspectives. Proposition of whether it is possible to achieve true objectivity.

Learn more about Marissa’s future works:

LBTP Alumna, Amelia Eisen 

My experience in the Training Program taught me how to advance my being and direct myself down the path I am meant to take. It also brought me close to many like minds that will be part of my life and art for a very long time. I use what I learned at lines on the daily.

Within our Skin is a work in progress that will premier in full July 20th and 21st at SAFEhouse Arts. The intention of this piece is to reveal the most honest self through memory.

Dancers: Khala Brannigan, Shareen DeRyan and Neta Singer

Cover photo by Stephen Texeira

Written by Alonzo King LINES Ballet

Alonzo King LINES Ballet is comprised of an internationally renowned contemporary ballet company, three education programs that serve pre-professional dancers, and a dance center that provides adult drop-in classes for all levels. The LINES Ballet mission is to nurture dynamic artistry and the development of authentic creative expression in dance, through collaboration, performance, and education.

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