Humility. Fearlessness. Compassion. Support Alonzo King LINES Ballet Today

People often think they need to do something big and bring about a huge cataclysmic change. The real way to make an impact is through doing little things every day with a lot of love, commitment, and integrity. Your gift to LINES is an act of commitment and love. Great art has always required the support of dedicated individuals.

Humility. Fearlessness. Compassion. Alonzo King Ballet provides opportunities to witness these qualities on stage, find them within yourself in a class, or observe the impact on a burgeoning artist.

The aim of everything we offer at LINES Ballet is to nurture the mind, body, and spirit, through the development of character and intuition. Watch the video above to see the different ways LINES Ballet achieves this mission.

Your support and participation makes possible everything we do at Alonzo King LINES Ballet. Thanks to your contributions we can continue to create and share the great art you see on stage and offer education programs that are open to everyone. Thank you for demonstrating how important LINES Ballet is to the community by making a gift today.

Cover photo by Quinn B. Wharton