Alonzo King: “There is No Standing Still”

We are moving into a higher age. Inaction works against us. There is no standing still, we are either moving forward or falling behind. The dross poisonous thought structures from the past are much too heavy to carry into our evolving transition. 

This period of isolation provides an opportunity for undistracted introspection. We can examine the internal impediments that slow down our own personal evolution, and through that cleansing process, determine how we are going to help our world family. 

We are all creators, uniquely endowed with unimaginable power. Those divinely gifted powers have to be turned on to eradicate the world-destroying ignorance of selfishness and greed, which enable wars, racism, religious sectarianism, eco-destruction, and the evils of unchecked materialism. All of our present ills are interconnected. 

We are in a dangerous imbalance where our technical advancement has outpaced our moral advancement. 

You can’t beat away the darkness with a stick, you have to open the window of intelligence for light to enter.  

— Alonzo King 


Created with Alonzo King LINES Ballet dancers from their homes through the Americas during the pandemic. The first in a series of five.

Director: Robert Rosenwasser
Editor: Philip Perkins
Music: Edgar Meyer
Choreography: Alonzo King and the dancers of LINES Ballet

Performers, in order of appearance: Adji Cissoko, Alvaro Montelongo, James Gowan, Maya Harr, Ashley Mayeux, Michael Montgomery, Shuaib Elhassan, Ilaria Guerra, Lorris Eichinger, Robb Beresford, Madeline DeVries

Presenting Sponsor: Bank of the West
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