The Training Program Forges “Connection in Isolation”

After performing their Student Choreography Showcase, our Training Program students dispersed for Spring Break on March 6. Due to COVID-19 closures, they never returned.

Once San Francisco’s shelter-in-place mandate went into effect, Training Program Director Karah Abiog sprung into action, quickly adapting her curriculum for the limitations and new potentials of dancing at-home. She writes:

“I wanted to keep the students engaged and connected with our sudden dystopian world full of uncertainty. I decided to create virtual offerings for them that included two physical classes – ballet, GYROKINESIS®, improv, choreography – and started the concept of Daily Dos, investigative tasks/assignments that I asked a different faculty member to provide each day, for the students to do at any time, to share or not. All class offerings and assignments were optional, seeing that each of them handled this pandemic differently. They are a creative, intelligent, independent motley crew and needed to move at their own pace.

I christened them with the first task that involved all of the students from where they were and called it Connection in Isolation. The idea was taken from “Exquisite Corps,” a dance film linking 42 choreographers.  I gave the instruction and how to start one’s movement with the last movement of the person who proceeded. No one knew the order, only the one who was before.”

Below is the results of that “Connection in Isolation” task, which unites the 21 young Training Program artists across California, Colombia, Illinois, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, New Jersey, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.


Video Editing: Katie Roy
Music: Miles Davis

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