Home Is Where the “HeART” Is

Melt, sway, flick, EXPLODE!
These are just a few of the movement words suggested in one of HeART with LINES’s new online lesson plans.

In March, many facets of LINES Ballet swiftly transitioned online in response to the shelter-in-place mandate and our school partnership program HeART with LINES was no exception. Dedicated to providing dance experiences that promote student creativity, abstract thinking, and foundational dance skills, the HeART with LINES faculty produced a range of materials for both our existing partners as well as the community at large.

Pre-Recorded Videos:

The HeART with LINES faculty immediately set to work recording excerpts of their classes: different Brain Dance warm ups, movement explorations, composition games and more. The resulting Distance Dance Learning video series can be found on our YouTube channel. To allow teachers and parents to use these at their own pace, these videos are short segments that can stand alone or be strung together for a longer, class-like experience.

Click here for the full playlist on YouTube!

At-Home Lesson Plans:

“Energy/Force” Lesson Plan

To provide an additional level of support for teachers and parents, At-Home Lesson Plans were crafted so that, regardless of age or dance experience, anyone could easily follow along.

Each focusing on different foundational movement concepts such as shape, level, and narrative, these documents include links to relevant videos of LINES Ballet repertory to give students a fuller experience with the themes explored. These lessons are available on our website for you to explore here.

This has been a great benefit for my students by offering the opportunity to stay connected to the dance community, to move together (virtually), and to challenge their creative process! As always, the lessons were well planned, age appropriate, engaging, and well presented. My students let me know that they really appreciated the class offerings and we hope they will continue!

– Dance Teacher at Presidio Middle School

As we roll into summer, some of our HeART with LINES faculty are using the insight gained through creating these materials to teach our Kids at LINES Online Classes throughout June (see below for details). While we hope to return to classrooms soon, we plan to continue supporting our community partners with online programming in the upcoming fall semester and will be hosting a virtual professional development seminar for San Francisco Unified School District teachers next month. Stay tuned for more details.

Throughout the summer, Kids at LINES offers online classes for K-4 students. Emphasizing a different dance style each week, these classes provide dance experiences that promote student choreography, abstract thinking and the emergence of elementary foundations in different dance styles each week. Click here to learn more!

Photo: Lawrence Luk

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