There Is No Standing Still, Part II

The choreographer Alonzo King has reached a point where he has no choice: He does what he does. “You keep pushing out beauty, you keep pushing out truth,” he said in a phone interview. “Of course, it’s a challenge. This is a dark time, but it’s also a time of incredible possibility. Can you believe the world? Can you believe it?”

Alonzo King’s interview with Gia Kourlas of The New York Times was published this morning accompanied by the second film of our five-part series. You can read it in print in this Sunday’s edition or online here.


Created with Alonzo King LINES Ballet dancers from their homes throughout the Americas during the pandemic. The second in a series of five.

Director: Robert Rosenwasser
Editor: Philip Perkins
Music: Jason Moran
Choreography: Alonzo King and the dancers of LINES Ballet

Performers in order of appearance: Ashley Mayeux, Robb Beresford, Adji Cissoko, Shuaib Elhassan, James Gowan, Michael Montgomery, Ilaria Guerra, Lorris Eichinger, Madeline DeVries

Presenting Sponsor: Bank of the West
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