Meredith Webster in Slovenia

One country down, four to go. I wish we had more time in Slovenia, where the overripe fall colors were in full-on, knockout swing and the soundtrack was the carpet of swishing oak leaves. Castles and cathedrals were everywhere- hill topping the fairytale Lake Bled, where we spent our day off, and overlooking the town of Ljubljana, where we performed the first of 25 shows on this tour. Europe in early winter is lower on tourism and high on charm- we’ve already enjoyed some roasted chestnuts and warm spicy wine, goulash, stallion filets (!), and Refosk, a Slovenian grape variety.

The people in Ljubljana were friendly and happy to speak English, for which we were extremely lucky, because to our untrained eyes, Slovenian appears to be a language with WAY too many consonants and letters that look familiar but don’t get pronounced recognizably. For example: the word “lost” in Slovenian is “izgubljeno.” Exactly.

People will be in and out a little on this tour, but our group has some great new additions for now- it’s fun to have Drew Jacoby Martens and her husband Josh Martens back with the crew, and this is the first tour with Bob “the Messiah” Bones, chillin’ Chris Bordenave, and the increasingly brave Yu-Jin Kim. So far so good- here we come Italy

Written by Meredith Webster.