Caroline Rocher in France

Coucou! We arrived in Narbonne yesterday, the ninth out of ten-stop of the tour. Yep, it’s almost time to fly back to San Francisco!

But despite the unusually cold weather and the long rides on the bus, the tour has been going well so far. Plus, I always like to come to France to perform because I get to see family and friends! Indeed, my mum and my brother came to the show in Le Havre, my friend Julia with whom I danced at the Bavarian State Ballet saw the performance in Villefontaine, and tomorrow my dance teacher from Montpellier and two other friends will be among the audience!

It’s always very helpful to spend time with the loved ones while on the road for such a long time. I also like to explore the places we visit, because even though I’m French, touring with the Company gave me the opportunity to discover a lot of French cities that I have never been to before! Merci LINES Ballet!

Written by Caroline Rocher. Photos courtesy of Caroline Rocher.

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