David Harvey in Cannes, France

I splashed some Mediterranean on my face today. C’est froid!


We have a day off in Cannes, and while I know most of my colleagues are trying not to spend all of their per diem on wardrobe refurbishments, I’m trying to not spend my per diem all on millefeuille and cannelle. It is gorgeous today on the Cote D’azur. It is plenty cold, but I’m surely grateful for the vitamin D. Earlier, I walked up to Notre-Dame de l’Esperance, where there’s an old fortified tower on a hill that overlooks the city and marina, filled with mega-yachts. Now I am sitting on a pier with my feet dangling over the edge, some seabirds keeping me company. The Palais des Festival de Cannes, where we’re performing tomorrow night, is on my right, and a man behind me is jamming on his accordion, blocking the window display at Louis Vuitton. Surrounding, are the white Alps-Maritimes, contrasted by the abundant palm trees, and nothing but water in front of me. My sister Emma (soon to be veterinary school graduate) is flying in from Edinburgh tomorrow.

David France 2012, 2

Not all days on tour are like this, but as for today, I’m content to forget about my own bed, Other Avenues Co-op and Ocean Beach, because I splashed Mediterranean on my face today.

After Cannes is Narbonne, then we finish in Bayonne. By that point I will have toured to 40 cities in France with LINES, since I joined in January 2008. I still can’t speak French.

Time to finish off my snack before this gull climbs into my lap.

Written by David Harvey. Photos courtesy of David Harvey.

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